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Securall PE3045 - Acid/Corrosive Storage Cabinet, 2 Door Manual

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Features & Specifications


PE3045 - High Density Polyethylene cabinet for storing harsh acids; Dimension 18 x 38 x 13 Inch; Approx. Ship. Wt. 32 Lbs.

Blue polyethylene cabinet is designed to fit inside an Acid/Corrosive Safety Cabinet or to be used as a countertop cabinet. The one-piece body is constructed of high-density (.187" thick) polyethylene allowing the cabinet to safely store acids and corrosives near your work area (including nitric and sulfuric acids). Double-wall recessed doors help to control vapors. 

Fit two PE3045 cabinets in a 30 gallon cabinet or three PE3045 in a 45-gallon cabinet. 

Labels read, "ACIDS/CORROSIVES" and display the international symbol for Corrosive Material. Shipped assembled and ready to use.

** C124 & C224 Will not fit PE3045 cabinet.