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Metal Pro Square Punch And Die Set

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These square punch and die sets are designed for METALpro Ironworkers. Each set comes with one upper punch and one lower die. The hole size is based on the upper punch. All sets come with our standard 2″ lower die and 1/32″ clearance from punch to the die. We can sell the punch and dies individually out of the set if needed. Other clearances are available if needed. Custom sizes in 1/64″ increments and larger than 1-1/4″ are available. Hole punch size must be equal to or greater than material thickness for best results.


*WE RECOMMEND THE PUNCH AND DIE SET THAT YOU ARE USING IS 1/32″ LARGER THAN YOUR BOLT SIZE (EX. 5/16″ carriage bolt would need 11/32″ square punch and die set)