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EKKO EK13S-177 Precision Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker with Side-Shifting - 177-inch Lift Height, Ideal for Versatile Indoor Material Handling

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The EKKO EK13S-177 Fully Powered Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker with SIDE-SHIFTING is a versatile solution designed for various material handling tasks. Combining the features of a forklift and a walkie stacker, it is suitable for applications such as loading and unloading trucks, handling in stock rooms, manufacturing floors, and warehousing. The stacker is constructed with high-quality steel and components, featuring durable drives to withstand different terrains, usage scenarios, impacts, and directional changes. With a load capacity of 2860 lbs, it can reach a raised height of 177" (14.75ft). The stacker includes SIDE-SHIFTING functionality, providing additional flexibility in handling loads. Key features also include adjustable forks (8.6-28.3"), a Curtis Controller, 24V AC Drive Motor, 24V Lift Motor, and EPS (Electronic Power Steering). The stacker comes with polyurethane wheels, ergonomic handle and controls, and is built with steel construction using robotic welding technology. The package includes a charger, and the stacker is powered by a 24V/210Ah battery. It is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

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  • Load Capacity: 2860 lbs
  • Raised Height: 177" (14.75ft)
  • Adjustable Forks: 8.6-28.3"
  • Fork Length: 45.3"
  • Tilt: 2/5 Degree
  • Curtis Controller
  • 24V AC Drive Motor
  • 24V Lift Motor
  • EPS (Electronic Power Steering)
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Ergonomic Handle and Controls
  • Steel Construction with Robotic Welding
  • Charger Included
  • Battery Included
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty


  • Model: EK13S-177
  • Drive Type: Electric
  • Type of Operation: Walkie type
  • Load Capacity (Q): 2860 lbs
  • Load Center Distance (c): 23.6"
  • Distance Between Fork Backrest and Front Wheel (x): 5.91"
  • Wheelbase (y): 46.81"
  • Service Weight (with battery): 4070 lbs
  • Tire Material: PU
  • Driving Wheel Size (Φ×w): Φ9.84×2.95"
  • Bearing Wheel Size (Φ×w): Φ9.84×4.72"
  • No of Driving Wheel/Balance Wheel/Bearing Wheel (X=Driving Wheel): 2/1X
  • Front Wheelbase (b10): 34.09"
  • Rear Wheelbase (b11): 0"
  • Mast/Fork Carriage Tilt, Forward/Backward (α/β): 2/5 degrees
  • Lowered Mast Height (h1): 78.74"
  • Free Lift Height (h2): 59.84"
  • Lift Height (h3): 177.17"
  • Extended Mast Height (h4): 214.53"
  • Height of Seat/Stand-on Platform (h7): 5mm
  • The height of Handle in the Operation Position (h14): 43.5/56.69"
  • Overall Length (l1): 107.8"
  • Body Length (l2): 62.52"
  • Overall Width (b1/b2): 39.29"
  • Fork Size (s/e/l): 1.38/3.94/45.28"
  • Fork Width (b5): 8.66-28.35"
  • Ground Clearance Under Mast (m1): 3.54"
  • Min Ground Clearance (m2): 3.39"
  • Aisle Width for Pallets 1000*1200 Crossways (Ast): 115.95"
  • Aisle Width for Pallets 800*1200 Lengthways (Ast): 120.28"
  • Turning Radius (Wa): 56.89"
  • Driving Speed, Load/Unload: 5.2/5.5 km/h
  • Lifting Speed Load/Unload: 100/120 mm/s
  • Lowered Speed Load/Unload: 136/120 mm/s
  • Maximum Gradeability Load/Unload: 6/8%
  • Brake Type: Electromagnetic brake
  • Drive Motor (kW): 2.5
  • Lift Motor (kW): 2.5
  • Battery Voltage/Rate Capacity (V/Ah): 24/210
  • Battery Weight (±5%): 460 lbs
  • Type of Drive Control: AC
  • Noise Level (dB(A)): 70
  • Steering Type: EPS (Electronic Power Steering)